Training Vocal Athletes!
  • How to Train One Connected Voice Through Both Registers!
  • Techniques That Train Chest Voice Above The Break!
  • Head Voice Training Requirements Revealed!
  • Understand Singing Vowels, Resonance and Formants!
  • Learn 8 Vocal Effects, Including Three Kinds of Screams and Vibrato!
  • Create Vocal Routines That Are Customized to Your Unique Needs!
  • And more...
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Real TVS Students Sharing Their Success!
Real TVS Teachers Sharing Their Success!
"I am still benefiting from our work!! Thanks to you I am more confident as a coach and my students make a lot more progress. Everything about vocal technic is clearer in my head and everything got clearer for my students too. My voice is doing great! I train a lot, almost every day since I'm going to the studio the 6th of January to record my EP. I do a lot of sobbing and I am very aware of my horizontal embouchure. Thank you again for the training!"
Priscila Costa
Performing Artist - Voice Coach
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